Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And so it begins...

Minnesota's Lake Ice-Out Status - 2009 This is a website that keeps track of MN lakes as they go from ice cover to ice out. Right now they have the ice out dates for 2008 up and that will give an idea about what lakes are monitered. I would guess that they will probably get rid of the 2008 info next week. With the long range forecast being what it is I think ice should be going off some of those Southern Minnesocold lakes sometime next week.

Don't miss the description of how lake ice melts

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BassFishingDem said...

So you'll have some of those swimblade/chatterbait lures tied on, right? I wonder if the northerns like them just as much as the chain pickerel do here.

Like the blog post title by the way. It does seem to make the start of the season sound a bit more epic, doesn't it?