Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ice Out By Easter- Update #2

Just as I thought more lakes went out on the 24th than were previously reported.

Here are the lakes added yesterday by Minnesota Climatology.
3-24 Lake Albert Lee (Freeborn County)
3-24 St. Olaf Lake (Waseca County)
3-24 St. James Lake (Watonwan County)
3-24 Lake Washington (Le Sueur County)
3-24 Lake Shaokatan (Lincoln County)
3-25 Clear Lake (Waseca County)

As of March 25th there are 10 of 21 lakes in Southern Minnesota that they track which are ice free, however none of the 3 lakes they track in the South East are ice free.

The weather here in Minnesocold has turned colder but I still expect some of those Southern lakes to be opening up anyway. Despite this weather set back, I think we are still on pace to see Platte Lake ice free by Easter.

Update: MC has listed 3 more lakes as open today.
3-24 Sakatah (Le Seuer County)
3-24 Cannon (Rice County)
3-25 Swan (Nicollet County)

Of the MC tracked lakes I have heard rumors that Tetonka in Le Seuer and Hendricks in Lincoln County are ice free. It would not surprise me at all if all these Southern MN lakes are now ice free.

Non-MC tracked Cedar Lake in Scott County is rumored to be open. Cedar is shallow and has an aerator, so this isn't a big surprise. Northern Scott County is within the Twin Cities Metropolitan area.

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Fish Whisperer said...

Hold on I think Spring is in the air for all of you who are freezing your arses off.