Saturday, March 21, 2009

2009 Minnesota Fishing License & Walleye Stamp- Check!!!

Even though I don't need it until May, I bought my 2009 Minnesota Fishing License yesterday. I was even generous and chipped in for the first ever Minnesota Walleye Stamp. Get this, I paid $5 for a stamp that isn't required to catch or keep walleye but for that $5 I don't actually get a walleye stamp; To get the actual stamp is another $2 which I did fork over. I don't collect stamps, but I may start a collection of these Walleye Stamps since I am in on the ground floor. In all it cost me $25 for the privilage of fishing in Minnesota this year through April 2010. I'll probably have to pay something close to that or maybe even more for 2 days of fishing in WI in May.

Weather Report: We are supposed to have good ice melting weather on through the middle of next week when it is supposed to cool down some. There is some talk about there possibly being a significant rain on Mon/Tues. A warm rain or lots of sun and warm temps are the best weather to have for melting lake ice.

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Fish Whisperer said...

I remember buying my license for fishing in WA state. Used to cost a lot of money. Here in Fiji none required. Thanks for the comment.