Friday, May 28, 2010

Yes the Derby IS BACK!

For the past two years I have done a for fun Bass Fishing Derby at a dedicated Bass Pundit Blog Franchise Empire blog: Once again this year I am having the derby and it is entitled: Bass Pundit Minnesocold Bass Bloggers Derby 2010

Last year the focus was on getting the Minnesota Bass Fishing Bloggers in the competition as a way to help promote their blogs. I want that to be the case for this year as well, but I am also opening up participation to Bass Pundit readers that fish here in Minnesocold.

The Derby starts May 29th and runs through Nov 15th.

Full Rules Here...

I try to make the Derby as hassle free as possible, so it is 100% on the honor system with no pictures required (though pictures make for better blogging of the event).

Any questions?

1 comment:

MNAngler said...

I'm in! I haven't even filled a bag in my lifetime according to the limits, but I hope to change that this year.