Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Last year I bought what I thought probably was tie-able wire leader, AFW Surfstrand, at Mills Fleet Farm; They didn't have Cortland Toothy Critter which is the stuff I wanted. I had read a tip about using tie-able wire leader with swim jigs so pike can't break you off. Finally just tonight I tried tying the wire that I had bought, but I couldn't do a very good job of making the recommend knots out of the stuff. I am thinking now I must have gotten the wrong stuff altogether because it definitely wasn't happening.

I'll have to call tomorrow to see if Reeds or Thorne Brothers Outpost carries Toothy Critter.

I lost far to many swim jigs to pike last year.

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oldgemdude said...

not being a fan of wire leaders I've long looked for something tieable. Tried Tiger wire a few years ago but it kinked. This year I'm going to use 40 lb fluorocarbon for leaders. I know Pike can cut through it, but back in the day I used to use Little Joe Spinners which were nothing but 30 lb mono.