Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Weather

This isn't news to anyone living in Central MN, but it seems this year we had May weather in April and now we are getting April weather in May. This is kind of like the flip flop we had last summer with August and September. Today our high temp was only 43°F (avg high now is 66°F). Tomorrow and Thursday are both suppose to be below 50°F with overcast and a chance of rain. Friday is supposed to be cloudy, but in the mid 60's. Saturday's Minnesocold Fishing Opener (walleye, pike) is suppose to be in the mid 60's with sun.

Today I was exhausted and slept all day after manning sump pumps all night in the rain to make sure our basement stayed dry. In addition to being cool, It has been on the wet side for the last couple of weeks and the ground is saturated with moisture. I don't know how much rain we got last night but there was a steady rain from about 7PM to 4AM and then lighter rain until I went to sleep at 9AM. I am sure this cold with cold rain, has been dragging down lake water temps. There has been a lot of talk about our early Spring and how far ahead of the game we are suppose to be, but my guess is that Fishing Opener water temps are gonna be pretty close to normal here in Central Minnesocold.

So what does this mean for fishing?

For one, I didn't get out today.

For two, it is highly doubtful we will have the dock at our lake place in the water by the weekend. I will still probably put the boat in at Platte on Friday and just keep the boat on shore. At this point I plan to be in the boat for some of the time on Fishing Opener.

Because it is suppose to be warmer Opener will definitely be a more pleasant experience for the fishermen, but my guess is that the fish are a bit screwed up right now because of falling water temps and the fishing won't be as good as I have heard predicted it would be.

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