Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bass Fishing Day 2

Once again today I was up early to get it AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWNNN. I started fishing by 6AM and didn't come off the water until nearly 4PM. It was overcast the whole time, starting with a somewhat light SE breeze that switched around to the SW and picked up to about 10mph. The action was slow but steady and I pretty much caught a few fish everywhere I went.

I tried to start out with a little topwater but that didn't happen. Then I tried some docks and that really didn't happen either. My first fish of the morning was a pike. I got my first bass shallow in between a dock and this 12 inch fish was quickly followed with a 14" and both fell to a Zoom Super Fluke.

(First Fish of the Day)

Next I made a move from the North side of Cabin Bay to the South side of cabin bay where the weeds are quite a bit more prevalent. I missed a couple of good bites on the Horny Toad and caught a little pike on it. Covered a lot of rice. Finally I got a got a good hook up on a brown Bobby's Perfect frog and it was my biggest bass of the season so far at 16"
I worked the rice and reeds some more but only got another pike to show for it.

My next move was to go to Loon Sex Bay and fish Loon Sex Point. I got a 13 incher right away on a Zoom Horny Toad. Farther down by the last dock before LSP I cast the Horny Toad in very shallow to a rice and reed mix and a good fish gobbled it up.
The fish was 16.5" but weighed 3lbs, so I got my first Derby Fish. On my way back up to LSP I got a couple more bass including a 16.25" and I missed a couple of quality bites that very well could have been bigger fish. After I worked off the point I headed into the bowels of Loon Sex Bay and into the rice, that paid off with only a couple of fish. Next I worked the North shore of LSB and got a couple of bass doing that and then it was into the rice again with pretty much nothing to show for it. I went back and worked LSP one more time and got a couple of fish out of it.

My next stop was somewhere I have almost never fished which is the reeds on SE side of the big Island. Someone told me they saw lots of bass beds there last year and I thought I would check it out. I got 15" on my very first cast with a Zoom Super Fluke. I popped a few more bass fluking the reeds.

After that I headed to more reeds, ones that were in the wind on the North Side of Plattes Big Central Bay. I control drifted with the wind and took several passes. The first was with a blue/pink Monsoor Swim Jig with pink 5" Action Plastic Mag Grub and I got a pike and little bass on this. Next pass I used a char/wht Monsoor Swim Jig with pearl 5" Action Plastic Mag Grub and I got a couple of pike and a nice bass. I started the next pass with a blk/blue Strike King Pure Poison Chatterjig but aborted that about a quarter of the way into the pass for spinnerbaits. I caught a good pike on a wht Strike King Burner Spinnerbait and got another good one but as I was lifting it into the boat the fish shook violently and opened up my Norman Speed Clip and just like that the spinnerbait was gone. I put on a sexy shad Strike King Premier Plus Spinnerbait and got a couple of Pike on that.

Next I started working a white spook and had several pike miss it. I got closer to shore and some rice and got a bass. I worked that North shore line with the spook and a Frenzy Popper but that just wasn't happening, so I switched to a Fluke and that disappointingly only gave up 1 fish. I don't know why the bass just weren't loaded in on that North shore. Finally I had enough and headed in.

19 Bass (9@14" or bigger)
Best 5 (16.5,16.25,16,15,15)
10 Pike
0 Lost Swim Jigs (That Cortland Toothy Critter saved me a couple of swim jigs today)

Heading to Mille Lacs to see if I can't shore fish me some Smallies.

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