Friday, May 28, 2010

Platte Dock, Bulldog, GOMH

Platte Dock:Tonight just after 7PM I headed over to our lake place to get my gear ready to go for tomorrow morning. Naturally I had to throw a few casts off the dock. Casting over towards our jerk neighbors dock I got these two fish.

I had a few other good bites casting that direction but didn't hook up. I think several of the bites were from a pike because the Zoom Super Flukes were getting all ripped up. I also caught another 14" or so inch bass casting towards our cool neighbors dock.

I arrived at Bulldog right about 9PM and immediately landed 3 small bass on a couple of different swim jigs.

A little surprising that there was no one fishing at the bridge when I arrived. In the 15 minutes I fished I landed 4 jumpin bullheads. This one was the 1st and biggest.
The 4 jb's were caught on 2 different swim jigs.

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