Thursday, May 13, 2010

Networked Blogs

So I added a new friend on Facebook and I was looking through his profile as I do with all my new Facebook friends and I notice he has a tab that says Blog, so naturally I clicked it to find out if he had a blog. The tab is actually a portal to connect with Networked Blogs which is kind of a blog directory/feedreader/publishing tool/Google Friend Connect service to help with promotion of one's blog.

I signed up Bass Pundit and The Minnesota Bowfin Club and if I am understanding things correctly, anytime I publish a post on those blogs their blog Facebook Pages will have the post automatically done as a status update.

Through Networked Blogs I learned about a few bass fishing blogs I didn't know existed.
Spokane Bass Fishing (WA) (NJ)
OleBucketmouth (TN)
Fish Whisperer 916 (CA)
Randy Blaukat's World of Megabass
Lunker Bass Fishing (Canada)
Florida Bass Adventures

Anyway, I recommend you bass fishing bloggers out there on Facebook take advantage of Networked Blogs.

I have added the Networked Blogs Followers widget on my sidebar under my Bass Pundit Facebook Page Badge.

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FHC Outdoors said...

Great information for all Facebook users Bass Pundit. I was going to write a piece on NetworkedBlogs as well. It at least helps us connect with other anglers. Thanks for the mention too!