Monday, May 10, 2010

GOMH & Rock Dock

Rain was in the forecast and so I headed out earlier than normal tonight, a little after 4:30PM. My first stop was at the GOMH. Nobody was there when I arrived.
I caught this toothy bullhead on my very first cast.

Check out the smile:
I managed to catch a couple of jumpin bullheads and had what were probably orange or tiger bullheads pull the bobber down. I got these fish on the SW side (TB,JB) and SE side (JB). I also tried the NE side but didn't get any bites. It got slow so after about and hour I left and headed to Bulldog but didn't get anything there.

Next stop was the Rock dock. I had a few nibbles on the glow Cubby but kept coming up empty. Finally I stuck this largie:
I also caught a small hammer handle. It was winding and started to rain and I wasn't getting bites so I left about 6:45PM.

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