Friday, May 08, 2009

Opener Eve

The Opener

In the state of Minnesocold the gamefish species (walleye, Pike, Bass, Trout) all have seasons in which they are closed for fishing. The 2nd weekend in May is the traditional "Minnesota Fishing Opener" for Walleye, the state fish, and Northern Pike; Bass don't open until Memorial Day weekend. Being that this is the 2nd week of May, it is the week of "the Opener." "The Opener" week is for many a time of hightened excitement in preparation for angling the preferred species in MN...

This year for Opener once again I will be hitting the Eddy's Jetti at midnight, which I have done for at least the previous 2 Openers. Last year sucked, the year before I caught my limit in an hour and a half. The wind isn't ideal and so I am not that optimistic. Maybe the higher water levels will bail me out. It is supposed to be cool with possible precipitation at midnight with N to NW winds. Some wind is better than no wind, but as we learned 2 years ago a SE wind is best.

I also plan to hit the GOMH tomorrow morning for a little pike try.

Opener Eve @ GOMH: Tonight I hit the GOMH from 7:20PM till dark. It looks as if the silver bullheads have disappeared as I didn't see a single one caught, although there were not a whole lot of fishermen and just a few boats. Conservation Officer Kuske stopped by and told me he has seen some nice golden bullheads caught at the channel at night after the Opener.

As for myself, all I could catch was small jumpin bullheads. I used the 1/16oz Panfish Chatterbait and 1/8oz Storm Wildeye Swimbait. There was a little girl fishing that caught a 3lb+ jumpin bullhead.

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