Saturday, May 23, 2009

Minnesocold Bass Opener Round 2- Platte

Pete and I got out for a night cap starting around 7PM. Basically Pete cleaned my clock. Pete caught the 1st bass, the most bass, and two more derby qualifying bass (18",17.5"). I got a single 15.5" bass and five small pike. I missed a ton of bites as well. Pete caught 2 hammer handles. Pete had a big pike steal his $1.99 buzzbait.

My first and only bass which was caught on a brown/blue Monsoor Swim Jig with Watermelon Zoom Speed Craw trailer that was soon lost to a toothy critter.

This is a quality bass Pete caught. He got 2 that were bigger including this 18 incher.

Pete's big bass pattern was a pink Terminator Spinnerbait near reeds.

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