Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Missing Fish

Tonight I fished from 5:45 to 9:15PM sky's were cloudy all day but cleared right before I went out. There was a 10mph NE wind that diminished around 8:30PM. I spent the night on the North and Northwest end of Platte Lake. I started in reeds with a maidencane bed, worked my way into a shallow bay with sparse pads and wild rice, fished another area with reeds and maidencane, and ended in a reed bed with rice and pads on the inside edge towards shore.

Things did not start out very well for me I missed a bite, dumped a nice bass, caught a 13.25 bass, had a Outkast Swim Jig bit off, dumped another good fish, had another Outkast Swim Jig bit off, missed another bite, caught a 21.25 pike, missed another bite, then dumped another nice bass that flipped me off on a jump and missed another bite.

Things finally turned around when I caught a 13.25 bass on the blue/black Outkast Swim Jig with Junebug Zoom Speed Craw trailer. Then I nailed the 28.5" pike in the picture on a straight legged Zoom Horny Toad. I had another solid bite from a good fish on a Horny Toad but didn't get a good hookset and lost it. I switched up to a Herbs Dilly buzzbait and caught a couple of pike that way. I had a good fish just annihilate the Dilly but I lost it in the reeds. I got a couple more pike on the Outkast Swim Jig.

With the sun going down I made a move West and caught a couple more 12 inch bass; One on the Herb's Dilly and one on the Outkast. I think the last fish of the night was a 21.25 pike.

By my count I missed at least 12 solid bites with 2 of those being bite offs. I caught 4 bass and 7 pike.

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