Friday, May 08, 2009

2nd Guessing Aaron Martens

Normally it is kind of hard to 2nd guess the decisions of a Tour level pro, especially when they have a good day, but Aaron Martens did something inexplicable on Guntersville Day 1 that is ripe for some armchair quarterbacking.

Here is what BassFan reported:
His marshal had him down for 137 fish. He said about 80 of those were keepers and 60 or so weighed at least 3-pounds. And here's the biggie – he culled at least a dozen 5-pounders.

Under the circumstances I just do not think trying to cull up when he had at least 25 pounds in the well was good decision making. How can you just throw away 25+ pounds of fish in a 4 day tournament?

Caveat: We might not have the whole story. Maybe Aaron was sacking fish in a quest to find new stuff and was just popping fish no matter where he went. If so it is a little more excuseable.

We will soon see if Martens maddness matters or not.

Update: Martens weighs 29-12 on Day 2 and takes the lead. He must be on an insane good pattern.

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