Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yesterday Fishing Report

Yesterday it was over 90 degrees in the Twin Cities. Up here just 90 miles North we didn't make it out of the low 60's and by the time I went fishing after 7PM it had dipped below 60's and by the time I quit fishing around 9PM it was down to 50 degrees with wind chill. OUCH!

I started the night by heading to the GOMH. For the 1st time in a long time no one was fishing the evening bite when I got there. I started on the SW side and missed a couple of bites. I switched to the SE side and caught the little toothy bullhead in the picture on a brown/purple Monsoor Swim Jig. A little after 8PM I headed out to make some quick stops even though the wind was out of the NE which is a sucky direction for my usual haunts except the SE side of the GOMH.

Bulldog- Nothing
Rock Dock- Nothing
Jenny's- Nothing

I stopped at the Platte Lake place to take a picture of the dock and I got a few casts in catching a hammer handle on my last cast with the Monsoor Swim Jig.

Next it was back to the GOMH NE side. I got a 3rd small toothy bullhead again on the Monsoor Swim Jig and 2 jumpin bullheads including a nice 16"+ male on the Monsoor Swim Jig. Tonight I had several bites that never hooked up and 1 more toothy bullhead that was bigger than the 3 I got but still not very big that got off.

Man do I hope the weather improves a bit, today was a bad joke.

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