Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Minnesota Bass Opener Round 5- Platte (Yesterday)

Once again Pete didn't come with me and I was out from 7:30-9:30PM. Conditions were overcast with a breeze that I was moderately protected from out of the SE. I spent the whole time in "Loon Sex Bay" which is the SE bay on Platte Lake. In some area's the wild rice was already on the surface and I seemed to get most of the fish by some kind of feature and towards shore. Unfortunately the big pad flats didn't seem to be holding fish.

I started out by running to the back end of the bay a little East of where the shallow creek comes in. I started by throwing a yellow/brown buzzbait and was quickly rewarded with a 21.75" Pike. I switched to a Zoom Horny Toad and had a pike bite off the legs. I got a 12" bass where there is some brush in the water. In this corner I got another couple of pike including a 25.5 on the buzzbait and another bass or two. I think I also had a dogfish follow.

I worked my way North making one long drift to Loon Sex point, but like I said the pad flats were barren and the point didn't give up anything. I drove back to my starting spot and hugged the shore North getting a few bass and pike, missing some fish as well. There was a stick away from shore where I got a preggo 15" bass and a 13" may have been spawning or very late pre-spawners. As it got dark the action faded and I left.

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