Friday, May 22, 2009

Bass Opener Eve

Tommorrow is the first day of largemouth and smallmouth bass open season here in Minnesota. In the far North reaches of the state bass have been open since May 9th and on the Mississippi River South of St.Paul there isn't any closed season for bass. Tomorrow marks my Bass Opener, even though I did already open my bass season in Wisconsin.

Originally I thought I was going to be fishing Platte and Sullivan lakes with a group from my bass club, The Baxter Bass Snatchers. Unfortunately that get together is not going to happen this year. No problem, the boat is in the water and I will fish Platte/Sullivan anyway.

Well about half and hour ago I got a call from my friend Pete. He has been up in the area doing National Guard duty and wants to get some fishing in with me before he heads fishing farther North early next week. We store Pete's boat at our place. So now it looks like I will have company for tomorrow. I am going to have to re-think how many rods I bring with me.

On Sunday I have plans to pre-fish Cedar Lake West of Aiken with my tournament partner for my club tournament on the 30th.

On Monday I will probably hit up Platte/Sullivan again.

What I will be throwing:
If I can get away with it the Zoom Horny Toad will see a lot of use as will Swim Jigs, Chatter Jigs, Spinnerbaits, Zoom Super Flukes, and maybe jerkbaits, rattlebaits, and shallow cranks. I don't forsee slop frogs getting much use because the grass is not up yet and it doesn't look like there was a lot of carry over from last year.

I plan to start at the mouth of the Platte River on Sullivan Lake which means an early start. I believe people have beat me to the spot on bass opener the past couple of years.

Update: Despite the mild weather of the past few days I am kind of skeptical that a topwater bite will happen tomorrow, but you can bet I will try it.

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