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Thursday, May 10, 2007

"The Opener"

"The Opener"

In the state of Minnesocold the gamefish species (walleye, Pike, Bass, Trout) all have seasons in which they are closed for fishing. The 2nd weekend in May is the traditional "Minnesota Fishing Opener" for Walleye, the state fish, and Northern Pike; Bass don't open until Memorial Day weekend. Being that this is the 2nd week of May, it is the week of "the Opener." "The Opener" week is for many a time of hightened excitement in preparation for angling the preferred species in MN.

Obviously I haven't been blogging this week. That has not been because I have been diligently preparing my gear. Yesterday for instance I had a doctors appointment and ICD check after which I went and had a play day with niece Isabelle; I also got to see more of niece Mallory than I have before. I did however do some gear prep today.

So what will the BP be up to for "The Opener"? Well, I now know I will not be spending the weekend at Camp Lebanon with GEM and Teen Challenge. Without a boat, I would just be an extra wheel. There is a slight possibility that the Trophy might be useable by Saturday, but I think the chances of that are slim at this point. I would not haul the boat to Camp Lebanon without first having run the boat to make sure everything checks out and I just don't see that happening tommorrow. Thus I am left here maybe with a boat, but probably not.

I may head to the Eddy's Jetti tommorrow at midnight, but I am not firm on that yet. I have had success on the Eddy's Jetti on Openers past. However, I think the low water level at Mille Lacs could present a problem for shore casting husky jerks. As a solution I would maybe go with live bait and lighted bobbers.

If the boat is ready for Saturday I will probably hit Platte and Sullivan for a little Pike and Dogfish action. If not than I am stuck on shore, so Eddy's Jetti would be my best bet.

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