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Saturday, May 12, 2007


The plan was Mille Lacs at Midnight from Eddy's Jetty and while the execution was not perfect. Still I had my limit by 1:30AM

The Story: I arrived at Eddy's about 5 minutes to midnight. By the time I was unloaded and ready to cast it was open season. I started off at the South end of the Jetty as that in the past I've done best from there. The wind was NOT out of the NE but the SE with pretty good size rollers coming in. I put on a size 12 Glass Purple Perch Husky Jerk. Casting into the wind proved difficult and I quickly realized this was not happening. The wind was set up perfect for casting from the North end of the Jetty, so I headed there.

Upon arriving on the North corner I started chucking long casts quartering the wind and within 10 minutes I was hooked up and landed a 15-16 incher. I took a walk to the truck to put him in the pail then headed back to the North corner. I had some spectators now and they were kind of in my back cast zone and so I couldn't fling the Husky Jerk as good. Fortunately they moved fairly quickly so I could get a full cast out. Within 5 minutes of getting my casting up to par I had a good fish on but it came off right at shore. I think I lost it due to a treble hook breaking. This was the biggest fish I had on for the night and it very well may have been in the protected slot (20+inches). I then had to chuck and wind for about another 15 minutes and I was rewarded with a 17" eye. I took him to the truck and then headed back to my spot. At this point visions of an Opener eye limit started dancing in my head.

It took another 10 to 15 minutes and I was hooked up again with another eater. As I went to lift him in it became unbuttoned and fell into the area where rock and water meet. I quickly turned on my headlamp and got after him; It was a close call but I got him before he could swim away. Once again I headed to the truck to put him in the pail.

Back to casting. After about 10 minutes I made a particularly good cast and got smacked right away by what felt to be another eater. Unfortunately it got off and my hopes of an Opener limit were back on hold. After another 10 to 15 minutes I got struck again with a 15-16 eater that got hooked along the head with all three trembles. And boom I had my limit within an hour and a half.

After putting the last dude in the bucket I headed to the North side harbor mouth where 4 guys were fishing. They had caught a couple of keepers and a couple of throw backs and 1 bullhead. I think they were all using leeches. After some small talk I headed home.

Shore Nuff: Tonight I headed out to do some shore fishin. First stop was at Jenni's to drop off fish and she gave me some fudge bars. I then fished from Jenni's launch missing one bite and catching a small bass. From there I headed to the Platte house and didn't get anything. I then headed to Rock and got a really small pike on my first cast from the ramp. I went out on the dock and got another small pike. I then checked out Bulldog but a guy was there fishing. Next stop was the GOMH. I gave Willard a fudge bar then headed down on the NE side and got a jumpin bullhead on my first cast. A couple of casts later I had a hit and miss. I fished the SE side and got nothing. On the SW side I caught a little jumper that had some nasty scars from a slime rocket. All fish were caught on a yellow Terminator Spinnerbait. I will soon be headed to the Eddy's Jetti, hopefully, for more walter action; the wind is about the same as last night so I am opptomistic. I will probably give the minnows a shot because my upper back is sore (bad sign).

Opener for Hellabass...

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