Saturday, May 30, 2009

My streak is over.

Last year as a rookie I caught a 6 fish limit of bass at each Baxter Bass Snatchers tournament. I will not accomplish that feat this year as I only brought 3 keepers to the scales today. I caught fish but I kept getting one's that were a quarter inch or less shorter than the 12 inch minimum. My partner caught only a few more bass than I did, but almost all of his were over 13". My partner Adam also caught 2 muskies. I caught 3 pike and 2 rock bass as well. I will have a full tournament report once I know my final standings.

Note: My right hand is beat up from that 2nd muskie which was a 40inch class fish. It wouldn't fit in the net, so I hand landed it by the gill plate once it was good and tired.


Fish Whisperer said...

Right on. can't wait for some pictures and full report.
Tight lones

Unknown said...

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