Sunday, May 10, 2009

Elite Series Guntersville Day Final Liveblogged

The Hunt for the Century Club:
Kevin Wirth weighs 29-3 and I believe breaks the 100lb barrier. Yes he does 102-3!!!

Menendez weighs 20-14 and comes up a little short of the century mark, which he really wanted to hit.

Byron weighs 18-1 and comes up short of 100.

Martens stumbles with 19-15, but that is more than enough with 107-8 and Martens wins!!!

Fralick only catches 17-7 and is well short of 100.

Ouch, Alton only weighs 12-11, doesn't break 90.

Reed and Faircloth have also come up short at this point.

Skeet sacks 27-11 for a total of 104-4 and he takes the lead.

McClelland weighs 17-00 and comes up short at 94-4. Hardly a surprise as Mike has been running out of steam.

IKE just makes it with 101-1. He had 20-15 for the day.

Stone weighs 18-8 and comes up short at 99-5.

Will Martens choke and Skeet walk through the door? He only needs 16-12.

Man are they dragging this out! Weigh the fish already!

Martens stumbles with 19-15, but his 107-8 takes it, Martens Wins!!!

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