Wednesday, April 01, 2009

BASS Elite Series Wheeler Lake Fantasy Bass Fishing Changes

The Minnesocold BPboys, my ESPN/BASS fantasy bass fishing team, had a good tournament at Dardanelle compared to most other people and so I moved up into 86.2 percentile of Elite Series fantasy players. I think I was in the high 60's before. Interesting is that I have been pretty consistant with my scores: BMC 1136, Amistad 1129, and Dardanelle 1136. From the looks of it, a score in the 1200's is doing really well and scores over 1300 are excellent and a really poor roster puts one in the 700's maybe even the mid to high 600's.

Anyway I have made my biggest changes to date for Wheeler Lake.

My anchors for the season at least until further notice are KVD, Edwin Evers, and Mr. Cap Space Matt Herren. I decided to drop Kevin Short and Hack. Initially I was taking a strong look at 2 out of these 3 Alabama boys: Tim Horton, Gerald Swindle, and Steve Kennedy. However I ran the numbers and I could add Skeet and Cap Space Monkey 16.8 Swindle could come along for the ride.

So my line up is
with $1.20 to spare

Other picks I think could be good for Wheeler are Mark Menendez, Randy Howell and Mark Davis. Also an angler with a Japanese name might be a good pick but you probably don't wanna go with Yusuke.

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