Friday, April 10, 2009

Fish ON!

I headed to the GOMH tonight just before sunset. I was greeted by loons calling as I got out of the car. I'd say there are 3-4 acres of open water on the Platte side and the Sullivan side has a lot of open water but the PRO is not all ice free, maybe 70-80%. I wanted to test out some of my new equipment tonight, I didn't really think I would catch anything. I set up on the SW side and found this spot at the end of the bridge concrete to be quite fishable. On my very first cast I had something swirl on lure I was throwing to test out. A couple of casts later and I had my first jumpin bullhead of the season. It was about 13.5 inches and bit in fairly shallow water away from current and around weeds. I made a few more casts with that lure and then started switching baits pretty frequently because it was going to be getting dark pretty quick. As I was casting one of the trial lures over deeper water in the current I got another hit. I pulled in a 14.5-15 inch jumpin bullhead. I was very quickly of the opinion that I might catch more fish, but that was it. By the time I got to the Cubby rod it was almost to dark to gauge the bobber. At this point it is a huge crap shoot on figuring out where a few silver bullheads might set up. With the old bridge there was the "bullhead sweet spot" which was such a high percentage spot if any silver bullheads moved in towards dark, without that kind of knowledge pinpointing them could prove difficult until a new sweet spot is found. There is no guarentee there will be a new "bullhead sweet spot."

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