Friday, April 03, 2009

Ice Out By Easter- Update #6

I went down to the cities yesterday for my Fishers of Men Club meeting. I saw open water as far North as Cantlin Lake which is between Zimmerman and Princeton on the West side of 169. The main body of Rice Lake in Maple Grove was open although it looked like the area where the river runs in South of 94 was still mostly frozen over. It looked like Fish Lake in Maple Grove was open, but I didn't get a real good look at it as I turned onto Weaver Lake road to go to Gander Mountain.

Minnesota Climatology did not update it's lake list yesterday. But I did get word from a guy in the club that Gervias in Ramsey County is open which wouldn't be a big surprise because Gervais is actually South of Kohlman which MC had out on 3-31. If they update today I expect several lakes to be added. The Twin Cities did not get the snow we did and the weather there has been 8-10 degrees warmer than up here.

Update: It does not look like there will be an update from Minnesota Climatology today. The weather being mild yesterday, today, and maybe tomorrow should be pushing ice of of several more lakes when the next update hits next week.

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