Sunday, April 12, 2009

GOMH Rescue Mission

Today I performed a little lure rescue mission at the GOMH that required me to use waders. Apparently they put down a blanket of some fairly thick felt like material before they put the rip rap in. A good chunk of this stuff was not covered up by rock and I had a lure get caught in it. I am not sure but I think the stuff semi floats if it can. My lure was stuck off bottom about 3 feet into the water. I got the lure stuck yesterday. I broke my line and tied it off to the bridge so I could come back and get at it. In my waders and armed with a knife I got after it and it was a little trickier operation than I expected thanks to the thickness of the material. Eventually I was able to cut out a chunk of material that surrounded the lure. I had to cut the lure out with a scissors. The scissors actually cut the material much easier than the knife.

After the mission was accomplished I took the waders off and went fishing. I got a jumpin bullhead that was just short of 18 inches and that was it. I was a really nice night to be out, little wind, lots of birds including loons swimming around and plenty of muskrats swimming in the area as well.

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Michael Thompson said...

Way to go putz-o 3 weeks til wisc opener, lets get the bass derby started for that! no jumping bullheads dont count!
Call me about the secret lake, they are biting! not to many jumping bullheads there though, a winterkill wiped most out last spring :(