Saturday, April 04, 2009

Elite Series Wheeler Day 3

The full field fished today and I am hoping that Swindle can get on something and move up into the 50' or 60's. Weigh in should be going on right now. On the they are calling today Day 2.

For my Fantasy Squad:
Edwin Evers sacked 15-6 so he is moving up.
Skeet (7-3) and KVD (10-2) are both going backward and it could be significant.
It's hard to say how much of an improvement Swindle will make at this point but it isn't going to be a very big jump with only 10-10.
Herren posts 12-7 which will keep him right in the ballpark of his Day 1 12-12 29th place.

It looks like Biffle is going to be leading with a tournament best 19-14 bag.

Boyd kicked the buckett with 4-11.

Last years Wheeler Champion Jeremy Starks is going to finish near the bottom with 16-13.

Looks like Ike will get a Top 12 despite catching only 12-12 today.

Day 1 leader Alton Jones is dropping big time with 8-12.

Day 3 is now in the books
For my Fantasy Squad:
Evers 8th
Herren 22nd
Skeet 45th
KVD 49th
Swindle 83rd

Update: Word is that BASS has decided to be inconsistant and will fish the top 50 tomorrow rather than cutting to the Top 12 today. I think it is a strange call by BASS but I am not going to complain as there is a pretty good chance this development will help my fantasy points. KVD and Skeet are two of the best when it comes to making adjustments and so they rarely have two bad days in a row. I think Herren is a shallow water flipper like Biffle, so he could move up. The big danger is Evers in 8th as there were several Day 3 collapses by tournament leaders. Evers may have burned his water thinking the 12 cut would happen today.

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