Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ice Out by Easter- Update #8

Today I took a quick tour of the area lakes and I was a bit surprised to find out that the ice hasn't even started pulling away from the shore yet. I could easily go ice fishing tomorrow if I wanted. I have to say there is a 0% chance Platte will be ice free on Sunday. However, I do think the ice will go out some time next week.

There is open water at the GOMH (see post below this one for details). I think there is a fair chance that I will be able to catch a fish at the GOMH before the ice goes off Platte.

Minnesota Climatology updated today...
4-7 Bald Eagle (Ramsey County)
4-8 Medicine (Hennepin County)

Forest, Calhoun, Rush, South Center, and White Bear all are listed as "partial cover." The most interesting one on this list to me is Rush because it is the farthest North. I have read reports that some of the bays on Minnetonka are open. I am guessing all the city lakes will be ice free by Easter.

Update: Minnesota Climatology doesn't show an update for today but they did switch a couple of lakes to open.
4-8 Forest (Washington County)
4-8 Calhoun (Hennepin County)
Hopefully they will update tomorrow.

Note: My computer Operating System isn't good enough for Google Earth, otherwise I would make the call myself on certain lakes.

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