Monday, April 20, 2009

Morning Bullhead Run

I woke up today about 7am, so I thought I would go out and see if those bullheads were still on the SE side of the GOMH like last night.

Air temp was in the low 40's with a pretty good breeze out of the North and occasional sprinkles. I got a 8" silver bullhead on my very first cast with the glow Cubby Mini-mite jig and a minnow. Unfortunately I didn't start popping fish left and right. After about 15 minutes I got another bite and landed a nice 10.5" silver bullhead. I went quite a while without any more hits so I decided to switch up to a pink Flu Flu and that got bit right away by a 9+" silver. I think I got another one on the next cast and then nothing.

I went over and gave the SW side a shot for a little while and didn't even have a hit. The wind came up quite a bit out of the NW. I tried the SE for probably another 45 minutes. The clouds started breaking up so I hoped maybe that would turn them on but I didn't get nothing. I was getting cold so I left around 10:30am.

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Fish Whisperer said...

Nice looking fish. I personally hate fishing at night. As I have gotten older it is just too hard to see.
Tight lines