Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ebayt Monkey Shot by Sniper

Rich "Hellabass" Lindgren clued me in to the Trout/Panfish ChatterBait™ as good lure for bullheads. Not knowing if a local store would carry them I did a search on Ebay and their was an auction for 6 of the 1/16oz Trout/Panfish ChatterBait™. These lures retail for basically $3 a piece so with shipping I put my maximum bid so they would come out at a cost of $3 a piece. I was the first bidder and I figured the auction was as good as won. Much to my surprise a sniper came in at the last second with a higher bid and so my quick and easy route to these baits was thwarted. Hellabass got his at Gander Mountain, so I will just have to hope that the Baxter store carries them because I don't know that these are items that come up for auction regularly on Ebay.

Update- Baxter Gander Mountain carries these for $2.99, so I will have some soon.

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