Wednesday, April 15, 2009

GOMH Skunk Trend and Loons

That's right, two skunks in a row. I even had live minnows today but I didn't get a single bite and I started about an hour earlier than I have been getting out there.

I stopped by the Rock access and saw a couple of little sunfish and I saw a 4 to 5 inch pike in the rocks at the GOMH. Even though the fishing stunk, the loon watching was excellent.
This isn't the greatest pic in this size (click picture will enlarge for better view), but if you look close there are a bunch of birds and they are all loons. I counted 38 of them in this group. I can't say that I have ever seen such a large grouping of loons . The big group kept their distance but some stragglers came over to visit several times. The loons stay will be short lived as area lakes open up in the near future. In case you don't know, the common loon is the official Minnesota State bird and loons calling to one another across a lake is a hallmark of life here in the North country.

Blog Note: This is Bass Pundit Post 1,000

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