Friday, April 17, 2009

Ice Out 09- Update #12

Minnesota Climatology updated on the 15th??? Somehow I missed that, I could have sworn there was no update on the 15th. Anyway

4-10 Belle Lake (Meeker County) Where did this lake come from?
4-15 Artichoke (Big Stone County)
4-15 Big Stone (Big Stone County)
4-15 Pearl (Stearns County)

Knife Lake where I was yesterday is listed as partial cover; I did not see the anything beyond the South end so I don't know how close it is. I didn't check any of my area lakes yesterday but with 70 degrees today and tommorrow my area lakes are going to be ripe for the weekend. I think I will try to check them today before I head to Ann Lake.

Updated- Knife is now listed as out
4-15 Knife (Kanabec County)

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