Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Doggy Visitors

I live in the country and on occasion we have various animals wander on to our property. For instance our stubby tailed cat Smokey was a stray that weaseled his way into the family. We have a skittish salt and peppered colored cat that took up residence in our pole barn this Winter. Last Winter while I took the dog out for it's duties a neighbors lost kitten wandered out of the woods and we have taken another black and white cat in to the shelter.

Today these two mystery dogs showed up. They were friendly and came right up to my dad when he called them. One is a 4 month old Doberman puppy and the other dog is a 2 year old. They both had collars on, but only the brown one had a tag and that was from a shelter in Salt Lake City Utah. When I called the shelter there was no answer. My dad went over to the next door neighbors to the South and sure enough these were dogs they had just recently acquired. So the case of the mystery dogs came to a swift conclusion.

Even though they were very nice dogs I hope that I don't see them again, especially that Doberman once it is full grown.

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