Monday, April 20, 2009

Bullhead Surprise

A nasty cold front came through while I was fishing this morning. The day was mostly cloudy with some sprinkles with winds out of the NW at 20-30mph and a high temp of 47 degrees. I got out earlier than I should have at 4:30 and headed to Rock. I was unhappy to see that the Rock Dock was not put in yet. Usually they get that thing in immediately after ice out. The access is protected from the wind so I fished but didn't get any hits.

Next I headed to the GOMH and even though I was fishing on the South side of the road/hill, that wind was a chiller. I fished for about 1/2 an hour without any bites so I went to the car and waited about an hour and a 1/2 for the sun to get low on the horizon as I figured my only shot at fish was going to come at dusk. I fished for about 1/2 an hour and was about to pack it in when the bobber went down and I set the hook into a 13.5" jumpin bullhead. Encouraged I decided to stick it out a little longer and was rewarded with another bobber down and a long green toothy bullhead; I would say it was about 23 inches and it had something in it's belly.

Encouraged I fished until the bobber was getting hard to see, then I took a quick trip to the SW side to see if there were any fish in the area I caught them last night. It was getting quite dark and my bobber might have gone down but I'm not sure. I felt something but didn't set the hook and came back with no minnow, so I called it quits.

I really thought with the front that I wasn't going to catch anything. The weather is supposed to get much nicer by the end of the week so I wouldn't be shocked if there is a Grumpy Old Man sighting this week.

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