Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Jumpin Bullheads

Tonight I got 2 more jumpin bullheads. I think at least 1 of them was a fish I also got last night. I believe both came from just outside of the current flow.

I took at better look at how the GOMH will fish this Spring and they got the NE shore done well, very fishable with a much bigger area than was previously available. The NE is the Platte side and most of the water is away from the current at the bridge and on a shallow weed flat that is a wild rice field once the weeds come up. Generally this area doesn't hold fish until the water warms up significantly and it doesn't seem to hold silver bullheads; you get jumpers, toothers, oranges, and if your lucky a dogfish.

The SE side is close to being a disaster. While there is plenty of good riprap on NE side where it isn't much needed, there is not enough riprap on the SE side where it would be of real use. The SE side is steep and made up of loose dirt that will be unfishable when it is raining. It will be difficult on that side due to the lack of level ground.

The SW side is quite fishable right now provided that there is no more than 2 or 3 fisherpeople trying to fish it. I do worry my good level ground may get wiped away with a good rain storm. I think the loose dirt is going to be a real problem.

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Rich said...

I have been catching a few Jumpin' Bullheads on Crystal & Marion while targeting silvers