Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trophy On the Water

( Picture not from today)

I got the Trophy (Cyberfish's boat) out on the water today at Rock Lake. The engine started right up and I took it for a quick spin just to check everything out. The thing is I'm going to try hanging a different 25hp Johnson on the boat. This other 25 is almost 10 years newer and has rope start back up to the electric start. With the motor on the boat now, if the electric start fails for some reason you're pretty much hosed and I don't like that idea.

I also have work to do on the electric trolling motor, which wasn't even on the boat today.

Trailer lights worked!!!

Hopefully I will have the motor situations squared away by the end of this weekend.

No fishing today. I watched American Idol results instead. I hoped and figured it would be Scotty and Lauren. Haley never should have gone as far as she did with some of the other talent this season. James was robbed!!!


Clif said...

Dabbling in idol commentary I see

Basspastor said...

Hey I have blogged about Idol before, just not this year.