Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mission Aborted!

Last Fall we decided to store the boats over winter behind the house where they would be out of the way. Seemed like a good idea until we have had a late and wet spring. As you can see in this picture of the boats there is standing water where you have to be to pull them out. I figured we were just going to have to wait for conditions to get dry, but my Dad had other ideas. Yesterday while I was sleeping he made an attempt to get the boats.

As you can maybe tell from these next three pictures, the Ford Explorer didn't get there because it bogged down in the mud.

This 4th picture you can't tell my looking but the hole is about 10 inches deep.

At church this morning Dad talked to our neighbor the Niekens who are farmers across the street and he agreed to bring his big tractor over. The tractor struggled a bit but was able to get the truck out. Around the side of the house the Explorer got stuck again and had to be pulled out a second time.

The Niekens have a couple of four wheelers so we are probably going to try to get the boat out with those.

What a mess!!!

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