Saturday, May 14, 2011


Got out at midnight on Eddy's Jetty and man did conditions seem right with that E SE wind. From Midnight to 2:15AM I got 5.

23" and 19" on gold Husky Jerk 12
25" and 24.5" on glass perch Husky Jerk 12
22" on white X-Rap Shallow Shad

Full report and pictures on my blog Bass Pundit

This is a fishing report I left this morning on a certain Minnesota fishing message board/forum. I went back to look and see if there were any more reports and I discover the line referring people to my blog had been edited out. (Keep in mind that is just a mention without a hyperlink)

An Administrator leaves a comment:
It would sure be nice if you posted some pics and the full report here.

Really LSF!!!
That thread as of 6:30pm today has 273 views. Meanwhile my blog has gotten 64 visits since I posted there and it looks like less than half of those visits had anything to do with today's Mille Lacs Lake post. Keep in mind I also posted on Facebook and at, which has left my little blog plug (no link) up.

Of all the fishing message boards out there I think The gets it. The banner on my sidebar is there totally free for the If you have a fishing blog, the is your friend.

Somehow I don't think ole LSF is getting any more fishing reports from me.


Unknown said...

I'm more of an HSO/FM guy myself, but they're no better when it comes to posting links. Some they leave alone and others... Well, you know.

Jeremy Thornton said...

So much for a little comradery and brotherhood amongst anglers. Sheesh LSF.