Friday, May 20, 2011

The Bass Pundit Blog Hoodie Jersey

I absolutely hate wearing any kind of shirt that is on the small side. Therefore when I ordered my Jersey's For St. Jude Rayjus Hoodie I went big despite the fact that Rayjus stated their jerseys are on the big side for their size designation. Now that I have the Jersey I should have gone XL instead of XXL and possibly could have gotten by with a Large. Oh well live and learn. Even though they say it won't shrink maybe it will a little bit.

One thing that I didn't know was that the hoodie would have a hand warmer pocket. If you have seen some of my summer fishing photo's you probably know I often wear a hoodie with a pouch when I fish. I like to keep bags of the plastic I am using in the pouch, so the pocket was a pleasant surprize.

Here it is:

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TBRINKS said...

sweet hoodie. looks like they did a good job