Sunday, May 01, 2011

One Bullhead is Better Than None!

I didn't get out until 7:45PM. Today was cold and windy but the wind was more out of the West so the GOMH was protected a little better. I didn't get bite in the first hour fishing the SW,SE,and NE side. I decided to end the night on the SE side and that kept me from the skunk. I was fishing the pink Cubby Mini-Mite with a minnow close in to the end of the old cattail stocks when the bobber went down. It was the 12" silver bullhead in the picture. I had to go and get my stuff, which was on the SW side. I did have the bobber go down one more time about 10 minutes later but I missed that bite. It was cold, dark, and I figured my chances at a fish were pretty low, so I quit at 9:15PM.

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