Friday, March 11, 2011

Harris Chain Day 2 Weigh In Liveblogged

(Newest Info at Top)

So Shaw is in 1st and I think Rojas is 1st out of the cut.

Derek Remitz doesn't weigh in today either, wonder what the story is?

Peter T does Shakespeare, seriously he did.

Sconni Boy Rookie Travis Manson 6-3 doesn't make the cut. Mercer does funny bit about one of these things is not like the other one. Bald Trip and Mercer with Manson's super hair.

Brandon Palanuik 11-7 with 3 fish. Apparently Brandon's sister is in the crowd, she was really loud.

Bobby Lane 3-3 this is not a good day for my fantasy team. "I think Lake Harris is the cleanest I've seen it in 5 years."

Randy Howell fell out of the boat today and yesterday he caught a little gator.

Cajun Baby- 16-5 into 8th pulls out 1 stud 7-9. "Yeah son it feels pretty good" in his cajun accent.

Hallman- 9-6 on my Fantasy Team currently in 71st with about 15 to go.

Faircloth "I went through a lot of fish to get what I got" he is on the cut bubble.

David Walker 2-14 Ouch on the Fantasy Team!

Grant Goldbeck 27-1 after 1-1 yesterday. Mercer said his kicker probably poops 1-1.

Scroggins comes up and the crowd goes nuts. "I'm totally confused."

Mark Davis takes a stroll down memory lane about the Harris Chain.

Swindle was hilarious but he talks to fast to catch "I hate lilly pads"

Chris Lane has 7-6 kicker caught later in the day. "Sight fish move up in a cold front in Florida, I've never heard of that."

Denny "I'll lick my wounds and move on to the St. Johns"

Rookie Greenblat pulls out a 10-4, it's his birthday. Caught it on 8lb test. Greenblat is from Florida and I'm almost put him on my Fantasy Team, went with Walker instead.

Alton Jones- "This is kind of a 2 day lake"

Rheem 6-6 "lost several in the last 30 minutes"

Niggemeyer pulls out two kickers, he had 19 something. "I hit everything I had" Tells story about guy cutting trees by his kicker that was on a bed. He obviously caught it anyway.

JVD 12-7 so he probably will make the 50 cut.

Ott Defoe's daughter sings "Rock Star"

Marty Robinson- Pulls out a toad had to be at least 8.

Mercer "Get on your feet for Skeet Reese." Skeet "These guys are pretty good"

Browning "I've been blessed two days in a row, I can't wait to get up in the morning"

The Squirrel "I caught more weight on this lake in two days then I have in 4 previous try's"

Shaw is Gary Klein's roomate: Mercer "we know who's buying dinner tonight" Klein "I don't know about that, he's a little tight."

Montgomery with 18-12 "You couldn't drive a nail up my butt with a sledge hammer" about only having 4 fish late in the day.

Shaw Grigsby- 29-8 for 43-15 He pulls out two monsters, weighs one for 10 even. Broke a rod on a 7lber that he got in. Caught 6 fish today. "I caught a big old pig I like it."

Kevin Wirth 5-1 crash and burn.

1st UP KVD 18-3 "This place changes a lot from day to day" "I see a few big one's behind me back there." "I'm not sight fishing"

Trip says they whacked em' today.


Art Simms said...

Don't know whats up with Remitz, I can believe he couldn't squeek out 5 twelve inchers for two days!

Basspastor said...

I think you have to catch a fish to get points. This could be a season killer. Although KVD got 0 points once because of a DQ and still almost won Angler of the Year.

Art Simms said...

Exactly! I can see blanking one day, but two in a row when everyone else is catching them? Remitz is more talented than that! Doesnt make sense. Is there something going on we dont know about?