Saturday, March 19, 2011

SJR Elite Series Had Marshal Shortage

I didn't get to reading the BassFan Day 1 recap until late on Friday night and at the bottom of the recap they had this note:

> A B.A.S.S. communications official confirmed that due to a shortage of marshals registered for the event, five anglers fished today without an observer. That's a particularly undesirable situation in a sight-dominated tournament due to the organization's rule that fish caught in that manner must be hooked inside the mouth.

I guess I can't say I'm all that surprised by this as B.A.S.S. did a couple of things last week to hype the Marshal Program. The critics of the Marshal program said this kind of thing would happen and I don't think this is the first shortage they have ever had. If the Elite Series were to come to Lake Mille Lacs I would definitely be a Marshal. For Lake Minnetonka, the Mississippi River Pool 4 plus or Vermillion I wouldn't. I would consider doing it for Leech Lake.

I think B.A.S.S. would be a lot more successful with this program if the $100 Marshal fee would include lodging for the Marshals.


Jeremy Thornton said...

Hey BP-
Why the distinction in lakes?

I saw this same thing when I looked at the pairings list on day one. I'm always looking to see what Marshall rides with the big names to see if then maybe they have a blog and they might write about the experience.

If BASS wants the program to continue, cut the cost. Why $100? The marshalls are really performing service for BASS. I'm not saying it should be free but how about $50 or as you suggest include lodging.

Basspastor said...

"Why the distinction in lakes?"
I'm not interested in the river, Tonka, or Vermillion as that I don't think I will ever fish them.

BASS says the $100 is there to make sure the Marshals will show up.