Thursday, March 17, 2011

Winner! Winner! Winner!!!

The blog FHC Outdoors is running a series of River2Sea lure contests and I won a River2Sea Larry Dahlberg WideGlide Surface, I think it's the smaller size. I would have preferred to win a Clackin' Craw or a Diver Frog, but when you have a shot to win you have to take it. To win the contest you have to be the first to answer a question. I found the answer to the question, what product did Larry Dahlberg first invent? With a Google Search.

Answer: Flashabou


TBRINKS said...

you've been winning a bunch lately....I need some of your luck(or skill)

Brian said...

Ditto TBrinks comment - you're one lucky SOB :)

Basspastor said...

Since I spend so much time online, I see a lot of contests to enter. I definitely have been lucky. Hopefully I will do really well in at least 1 fantasy fishing contest this year.