Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two True Mille Lacs Indian Point Stories

Over at Bass Parade they are asking about Weirdest Thing You Have Caught.

Here are two of my true stories.

I was out fishing the Fall night trolling bite on Mille Lacs for walleye on Indian Point. I didn't pay attention to how much line I let out and was past the Fireline into my backing point. A fish hit and my line broke where the knot between the Fireline and the backing line was. I always have multiple rods so I just grabbed another one. Later on that night on one of my trolling passes I caught the broken off Fireline with walleye still attached. I got my line, lure, and fish. Pretty Amazing. The walleye was about 5lbs.

Then there was one time when Indian Point was busy with boats and another boat was following behind too close and my line got into their prop and my Fireline got spooled. That sucked! I hope my line didn't break their seal and wreck the lower unit.

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