Friday, March 18, 2011

Elite Series SJR Day 2 Weigh-In Liveblog

(New info at top)

And it's over. First out of the cut is Mike McClelland. Also missing the cut Shaw Grigsby, last man in is Tak. Here is the Top 12:

Fantasy guy Matt Greenblatt 8-9, so he is well short of cut. Gets a check for last weeks big bass. "When it comes to looking at em' I can honestly I am not the greatest."

Chris Lane with 12-7 and he will make the cut. Thanks service crew for fixing boat from yesterday's incident.

Billy McCaghren into 5th place. 9-4 kicker. Said he found a couple of big one's that he just couldn't get.

Boyd Duckett "I suck in Florida"

Brian Snowden into last place with 2-3 "the whole reason I'm here is to be with you Dave"

J Todd Tucker with 21-5 to move into 2nd with 41-13 "Trying to spend quality time on the fish I think will bite"

Terry Butcher "I found a bunch of big one's I just can't make them bite."

Mark Davis makes the cut with 21 something. "I'm not sight fishing"

Rookie Keith Combs into the Top 10 with 14-9. Has a big one found for tomorrow.

Keith Poche with 15-4, which is a big comeback, probably in the cut.

David Walker with 15-9, which is good for my Dad's fantasy team. "This place is about big couldn't pick a better event to be sponsored by Power Pole."

Hmmm didn't miss Big Show like I said 22-13, moves into 2nd with 40-0. "I found something really special today" "I'm gonna put on the Big Show tomorrow"

Fantasy angler Bernie Schultz with 10 something which will help me a bit.

Huh the live leaderboard has Scroggins weighed in with 22-13, how did I miss that?

Kelly Jordan 16-1, so he has been consistent.

Swindle "Once I got 5 I just put the Motorguide on high and I didn't run across any big one's"

James Niggemeyer redeems himself with 13-1. "I made some key adjustments today." Will make the cut.

Somehow I missed my fantasy guy Peter T who had only 7-6.

J-Will with 1-2 will still make the cut. Says he "freaked out" and ran around when he shouldn't have.

Rookie Ott Defoe with 14-15, made the cut. Caught his biggest fish on the 3rd try for it.

Brody of the Lake "Pit-ti-ful" "I started off the morning and put a hook in my finger" Pimps Caught 1-0 for the day. Ended up in 97th of 99.

Jared Lintner says he found a 10 for tomorrow.

Kota thanks people who have been doing stuff to help Japan.

Fantasy Pick Rojas 10even made the cut "I'm excited to get out tomorrow there is a lot of big fish moving around."

JVD with 7-0, won't make cut. "Left one on a bed about 7lbs that I just couldn't get."

Klein "Today I'm just in survival mode, the area I'm in has been picked pretty clean."

Clark Rheem 5-8 kerplunk! Apparently he hurt his ankle, had someone else weigh his fish.

Tim Horton with 6-11 kerplunk!!! "I had two if I could have got em" "a lot of fish started to pull up again" Apparently he had multiple dead fish penalties.

Skeet Reese 8-13 "This is definitely been one of my bombs" Skeet pimps new bait Havoc Wide Load, Mercer asks "Wide Load Is that from my signature series?" Skeet got a good laugh out of that.

Brent Chapman with 6-14, kerplunk "the area has muddied up" moved to another area late and he said he wished he would have moved sooner.

Rick Clunn with 7-6 so he won't make cut. "Usually I come to Florida just hoping to survive."

Grigsby with 11-7, so he is on the bubble with 19-13. Missed two big fish today

KVD 17-13 into 3rd with a kicker for 35-0, kicker 9-5. He didn't see the kicker, only a little mail, pitched to the bed and the big girl came out of the weeds.

Brandon Palanuik will not make the cut thanks to late penalty. Apparently he got pulled over in a Manatee Zone.

Leader Alton Jones with 22-13 and goes way into 1st. Mercer "Shaq Daddy Super Bass" as he pulls out 8-12 kicker. "My little secret baits still working"

Rick Morris said he fished a frog all day and had about 20 hits, but just couldn't hook fish.

Casey Ashley not nearly as good as yesterday with only 12-3, puts him into 3rd.

Kriet "I said if I came out of Florida with $20,000 I'd throw a big party, but it's going to be hot dogs and Dr. Pepper."

Ish "I went to my gamble area today" apparently lots of big fish are there.

Ike 7-6 probably won't make cut "I can't sight fish, I suck"

BOOM BOOM 16-3 into 3rd "I made a decision early to go fishin' and not sight fishin'"

Edwin Evers 22-5 and into first 38-15.

Rookie Travis Manson from WI with just 6-3, no cut for the cheese. "I couldn't find any rocks and smallmouth."

Faircloth with 10-5 to move into 1st "It got pretty tough on us today"

Bobby Lane 10-9 into 2nd with 28-13 into 2nd

Majorly annoying chippy audio

Cajun Baby with 16-2 moves into the lead

First up John Murray puts up 14-8, he will be in the cut. Pulls out a kicker

Trip "I think the happiest guy in this field is Big Show"

Mercer explains we cut down to the Top 50 today.

Hmmm the sound is chippy so far.

OK National Anthem finished and Mercer on Stage

Oops no Hook'd Up until tomorrow.

I believe things start out with Hook'd Up with Zona and Sanders.

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