Friday, March 04, 2011

FLW Fantasy Fishing Moving Day

Day 2 is the big day for movement in FLW Fantasy Fishing. My line up improved almost 150 places/points, so that is some consolation with an otherwise pretty dismal line up. Here is my roster and followed by their Day 2 standing followed by their movement in the standings on Day 2.

Rose 15th +9 (My only angler in the cut)
Wendlendt 28th +4
Ehrler 40th +46
Bohannan 41st -7
Yelas 44th +44
Fukae 47th +10
Robertson 51st +23
Fox 72nd -42
Schiede 73rd +59
Gagliardi 100th +1

That is a line up as mediocre as it gets.

Interesting- Right now I sit with exactly 100 fantasy points less than I had at Okeechobee.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for hi-jacking your post....just wanted to let you know that you made the TC Sports Report TOP 6 list! Here is the link...

Basspastor said...

Thanks Tami.