Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Elite Series Fantasy Squad for Harris Chain

For Advanced Fantasy Fishing I went with
Bobby Lane
David Walker

I would switch out Scroggins for Hallman, but it's to late now.

Update: Not so good Day 1, I'm better in Advanced Anglers than B.A.S.S., Bobby Lane is killing me in both.

Here are my Anglers Day 1 Results (Day 1 don't mean Jack Squat)
Advanced Anglers
KVD 4th
Scroggins 4th
Walker 21st
Skeet 47th (Skeet is one of the best at improving his weight from one day to the next)
Bobby Lane 80th

Chris Lane 13th
Walker 21st
Skeet 47th
B. Lane 87
Bradley Hallman 90th (I thought this was a safe pick, I switched out Rick Morris who is in 35th)

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