Saturday, March 19, 2011

Elite Series SJR Top 12 and Thoughts

The Day 3 Weigh In is complete and Alton's lead has shrunk to 2lbs 9ozs over Edwin Evers. I would have to say this isn't looking good for Alton as E2 made up 8lbs today and if Vinson didn't have 5 dead fish E2 might be leading this thing. Todd Faircloth, in 3rd, made up 8-14 and Big Show is only 6-11 back and he had a problem with breaking off fish today. KVD came back to earth today with only 12-2, but as you can see is still in the Top 12.

The wind is suppose to blow pretty good tomorrow, so I would have to say advantage Big Show. Really anyone in the top 5 has a great shot and it's conceivable that someone from even farther back could bust a huge sack and pull a major upset.

Should be good!!!

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