Saturday, March 05, 2011

If They Will Give It To Me...

...I will take it!
This is me with my Baxter Bass Snatchers Club 6th Place in Angler of the Year plaque. Plaques go to the top 6 places because 6 guys traditionally make the State Championship team. Basically I would not have gotten 6th Place if a couple of the clubs best sticks didn't miss several tournaments a piece. I had 151 points for the year, which normally is only good enough for 9th or 10th place. It was my best year by 9 points, which means per tournament I finished almost 2 places better on average than in 2009 which was my previous best year in points.

If you go by points/place of finish it would seem I'm improving, but when it comes to the fish being caught there is another picture. Here are my 3 years in the club by number of keepers weighed, total weight caught for season, and average weight of fish weighed. Note- 6 tournaments with a 6 fish limit.

2008 36 weighed for 65.13lbs for a 1.81 fish average.
2009 32 weighed for 52.06lbs for a 1.63 fish average.
2010 33 weighed for 55.13lbs for a 1.67 fish average.

I regard my rookie year as my best year in the club fishing wise.

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