Thursday, March 17, 2011

Elite Series St. Johns Day 1

Note- This thread will be updated sporadically through the day. New stuff at the bottom.

Some of the best coverage will be found all day sporatically at Bass Wide Open.
They are suppose to be on Next at 11:45AM EST
They had live play by play of Rojas getting 8lb class toad.
Next report at 1:00PM EST

Rich Lindgren at his Bassin' Insider blog with Versus has a blog on the ethics of sight fishing.

My Fantasy Teams:B.A.S.S.- Rojas, Scroggins, Schultz, Peter T, Greenblatt
Advanced KVD, Scroggings, Peter T, Grigsby, B. Lane

Another good place for tournament coverage is Now BassFIRST doesn't have updates on how the day is going, but there video's are good for pre and post tournament days.

Just watched the Day 1 morning B.A.S.S. BassCam video's. Ole Shaw doesn't think he has found the fish to win and Scroggins claims other guys have found his key areas. There is an on the water video that claims Brent Chapman landed a 10lber.

Sad News- Don Barone has reported that Steve Kennedy's Jack Russel Terrier Louie passed away on Tuesday. Louie would go nuts when Steve would be weighing his fish and you could hear him on the live feed. That just sucks!!!


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