Monday, April 04, 2011

Winner Winner Havoc Grinner!

Thanks to the Outdoor Blogger Network I will be getting some free Berkley Havoc baits in exchange for an honest Bass Pundit product review.

From OBN: Each winner will receive 2 bags of each bait (2 different colors, specified in the details of the bait) for a total of 8 bags. At $3.50 per bag, you get $28 worth of new baits to try!

The baits are Bobby Lane's The Craw Fatty™, Gary Klein's the Deuce™, Skeet's The Pit Boss™ and Ike's The Devil Spear™. I think I am most looking forward to trying the Devil Spear as a swim jig trailer. According to the rules I am suppose to do the review within 4 to 6 weeks of receiving the product. Hopefully it will take a little while for the baits to arrive as Bass Opener is 7 weeks and 5 days away. However at a minimum I will be able to use them to try for dogfish and pike.

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Clif said...

I scored some too...I challenge you to a review-off.